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Now Metaverse is with you! Step outside of your daily life and discover brand new universes and new worlds. When the digital world and reality come together, it turns into something magical. But to grow it you need to understand reality.
As Black Studio, we are build the world’s planet-scale augmented reality platform! We use this platform as create metaverse spaces specific to brands, products and present them to the experience of users. Stay tuned with us to truly understand the metaverse!


The meaning of the word Metaverse means beyond the universe. The unified version of the words meta-universe. With this concept, it is aimed to connect the entire digital world and create a virtual universe.

In short, it is a project aimed at combining all these platforms with virtual reality and alternative reality dimensions.

So, what are we doing in Metaverse?

We create and rent environments where you can hold concerts, workshops, stores and meetings for you in areas customized for you. All this enables you to connect everyone and anywhere.


NFT is, in fact, a crypto currency. But in this definition, the money in question can be any asset that is valuable outside the definitions that we know. That is, NFT is a digital asset that has a value and can be purchased. Assets that can be considered NFT can be any artwork, videos, tweets, an internet page, images, stories you create on social media, and many more.

If you are having difficulty implementing your NFT ideas and deciding on their design, you can contact us and we can combine our imagination. After the designing process we can publish your NFT collection.

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